Green Process Chemistry


Our strategy is to leverage our expertise in organocatalysis to design and develop robust, scalable, green processes to make advanced intermediates, API’s and other high-value compounds.  

Our suite of in-house organocatalysts are cheap, selective, scalable and recyclable; and do not use expensive precious metals.


Typical process characteristics include:

  • High yields

  • No temperature or pressure extremes required

  • All solvents class 2 or 3

  • E-factor of between 10 and 15


Notable successes include our processes for advanced intermediates of the following drugs – typically yielding a 60-80% reduction in Raw Material Costs:


  • Pregabalin

  • Atomoxetine

  • Duloxetine

  • Montelukast

We also actively engage on projects with Pharmaceutical and Fine Chemical partners to develop next-generation processes for high-value intermediates.

Please contact us with any queries.