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Bioorganic Pharming

Prospecting for compounds with pharmacological activity from traditionally ignored sources

KelAda leverages its expertise in pharmaceutical chemistry to partner with food producers seeking to extract additional value from existing workflows. 


KelAda realizes the untapped wealth which exists in an array of renewable biological resources.


In some cases, these resources would hitherto been discarded as residues or waste.  KelAda partners with food producers to seek ways of putting these previously ignored sources of raw materials to more productive uses – particularly as nutraceuticals


Compound Screening – We screen raw extracts from existing food production/processing work-flows for pharmacological activity

Compound Isolation & Testing – We separate the constituent compounds from those extracts which show pharmacological promise and test them individually to identify “lead” compounds

Compound Derivatisation – We use our chemical and pharmacological expertise to chemically derivatize the “lead compounds” in order to fine-tune the Structure-Activity Relationship of the molecule against a given pharmacological outcome.

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