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Chemistry for a Greener World


KelAda Pharmachem is dedicated to developing “better processes” for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. By “better processes” we mean processes which:

  • are more cost-effective than current manufacturing routes

  • are greener than traditional processes – i.e. have less environmental impact

  • utilize previously ignored, cheap and abundant natural sources

  • valorize waste/side streams from industrial (e.g. agrifood) processes

  • can be easily “platformed” to make novel compounds for bioactivity


KelAda is based in Ireland and is situated at the nexus of a global pharmaceutical manufacturing hub (with 24 of the world’s top 25 pharma companies having significant operations on the island), and a world-renowned agri-food technology sector (with major international players headquartered in Ireland). Thus, our people and cutting-edge concepts are drawn from the rich pool of talent and resources available on KelAda’s doorstep.


KelAda operates on a collaborative “Research Alliance”/Fee-for-service basis – whereby our partners/clients can leverage our medicinal and process chemistry expertise, technologies and platforms to have specific solutions developed for their needs.  Our partners/clients include companies from global pharma & biotech and agrifood companies.


KelAda’s mission is to be a catalyst for the integration of green technologies into the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients. This mission is underpinned by our focus on performing our own in-house world-class research and collaborating with other world-class researchers.  We also have an active program of technology identification whereby we identify, in-license and develop novel chemistry into scalable processes which can then be utilized by major pharmaceutical and fine-chemical players.

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