MicroRNA Platform

Small molecule drug discovery platform based upon sequence selective microRNA binders

New Frontiers in genetics towards drug discovery

KelAda is passionate about discovering elegant and innovate solutions to difficult problems. New advances in the area of genetics has resulted in potentially revolutionary cancer treatment strategies.


Through sequence selective binding, microRNA nucleosides play a pivotal role in many diseases such as cancers. KelAda is developing a new pool of RNA binders which can be used to control the maturation of microRNA; therefore this concept can be applied as a potential cancer treatment.


Current microRNA treatments involve the use of antisense oligonucleotide derivatives which makes current therapies very expensive.

KelAda’s novel technology does not rely on expensive oligonucleotides, rather it utilises simple molecules. Our elegant strategy promises to dramatically cut synthesis and drug treatment costs.


1. We synthesise libraries of peptides and small molecules

2. We use high-throughput screening to test their binding affinities to several microRNA targets and their precursors

3. Hit compounds are selected for further analysis in vivo and in vitro studies

KelAda Pharmachem Limited.

Established in the Republic of Ireland. 

Company Registration Number 513259.

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