Leveraging the gene editing power of CRISPR-Cas9 to develop smart products for pest control and crop protection

Gene Editing


CRISPR-Cas9 is emerging as the ultimate tool for “genetic editing” allowing for selective introduction and/or deletion of specific genes from a living organism. While current research is concentrating on human use, with obvious difficulties in the barrier for public acceptance, KelAda sees an opportunity for using this method to provide novel products for the currently unmet solution to crop protection arising from globalisation.


KelAda is currently collaborating with biochemists and entomologists in academia and world leaders in  agrochemicals to develop smart crop protection solutions. KelAda aims to launch a set of new products to control the spreading of invasive species of plants, insects, fungi and mycobacteria.


KelAda is becoming a key player in the area of “smart crop control” which will provide total selectivity and minimal environmental impact, when compared with currently used pesticides and herbicides, e.g. glyphosate. KelAda has identified a set of alternative strategies to deliver genetic material in a species-selective fashion and a number of complementary approaches to induce toxicity in the target. Combination of the above-mentioned techniques provides a platform for crop control which extends from prokaryotes to mammals.

KelAda Pharmachem Limited.

Established in the Republic of Ireland. 

Company Registration Number 513259.

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