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Leveraging Biochemistry for



KelAda is a pioneer in the area of “Bio-Organic Pharming”. The concept of Bio-Organic Pharming encompasses the use of nature-based and environmentally benign “green” concepts and technologies to develop new products and processes which benefit human health.


In particular KelAda focuses on the following areas

  • Use of green chemistry to develop economically efficient routes to high value API’s and advanced intermediates

  • Prospecting for nutraceuticals derived from traditionally ignored sources (e.g. food/agricultural waste-streams)

  • Leveraging the power of CRISPR/CAS-9 to develop smart products for crop protection/pest control

  • Use of sequence selective microRNA binders as the basis of small molecule drug discovery


KelAda is based in Ireland and is situated at the nexus of a global pharmaceutical manufacturing hub (with 24 of the world’s top 25 pharma companies having significant operations on the island), and a world-renowned agrifood technology sector (with major international players headquartered in Ireland). Thus, our people and cutting-edge concepts are drawn from the rich pool of talent and resources available on KelAda’s doorstep.



KelAda Pharmachem was established in Ireland to acquire and develop intellectual assets in the pharmachemical space.  The company’s model is to in-license and develop novel chemistry into scalable processes which can then be out-licensed to major pharmaceutical players.  This development is done by a team of chemists with many combined years experience of chemical process development and manufacturing.

Ireland serves as a perfect location for the company - with a rich pool of process development talent available,  as well as a cluster of manufacturing operations of all the world's major pharmaceutical companies.  In addition the Irish government's major investment (>€2 billion) over the past decade in high quality academic research means that there exists a strong and growing pipeline of novel technologies with significant market potential emanating from this sector.

KelAda Pharmachem Limited.

Established in the Republic of Ireland. 

Company Registration Number 513259.

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